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    Members & Partners

    ENCS uses its network in academia, government and business to provide cyber security counsel dedicated to the needs of DSOs
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    Electric Vehicle Charging Security Requirements created with ElaadNL

    Download the security requirements document for Electric Vehicle charging systems.
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    Enexis Case Study: Procuring Secure Systems

    Read how to ensure procurement of cyber secure systems in distribution automation domain
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Welcome to the European Network for Cyber Security


By facilitating the collaboration between our members and partners, ENCS covers a range of capabilities from defining technical security requirements in procurement, evaluation of protocols or assisting in the resolution of identified vulnerabilities.

Security Testing

The ENCS test lab helps to validate that security measures have been implemented correctly. Both components and complete systems can be tested.


ENCS created it’s own Red Team – Blue Team Training, to train others in securing their critical infrastructure systems.


Part of the mission of ENCS is to bring together critical infrastructure stake owners and security experts to work together in order to deploy secure European critical energy grids that meet today’s challenges.



On November 9 & 10th, 2017 ENCS organized the OT Monitoring Training. This training is part of the OT Security Monitoring project. Monitoring the security of operational technology systems, is crucial to detect vulnerabilities and incidents. This course teaches analysts responsible for monitoring how to use their tools. They learn

André Jurjus (Director of Netbeheer Nederland) and Anjos Nijk (Managing Director, ENCS) sign the letter of intent.


Netbeheer Nederland, the organisation for electricity and gas operators in the Netherlands, joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) last week, as well as signing a memorandum of understanding on knowledge and experience sharing.   Netbeheer Nederland has actively been looking at cyber security in energy networks for some

171012 hack the smart grid cropped


Thirteen students just a day before Friday 13th – the stage was set for some serious bad luck, but the Delft University students that visited ENCS recently were quite fortunate indeed.   ENCS hosted an exciting ‘Hack the Grid’ event at their offices in The Hague. In a realistic simulation, the

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About Us

The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) is a non-profit organization that brings together critical infrastructure stakeholders and security experts to deploy secure European critical energy grids and infrastructure. Founded in 2012, ENCS has dedicated researchers and test specialists who work with members and partners on applied research, defining technical security requirements, component and end-to-end testing, as well as education & training. ENCS uses its network in academia, government and business to provide cyber security solutions and counsel dedicated to the needs of national Distribution System Operators (DSO) and regulators.

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